Trials and Tribulations of a DIY Wedding

I love the idea of a Do It Yourself wedding. What could be more special than handmade invitations, personalized wedding favors and unique decorations?  It is important to consider the logistics of creating wedding items (invitations, favors and decorations) yourself. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding whether to purchase pre-made wedding items, or choose the DIY wedding route.

#1 Price

DIY does NOT always mean inexpensive, or cheaper than store bought for that matter. If you choose to make your wedding items yourself in an effort to save money, make sure you calculate the costs of all of the materials you will need, including tools. Paper cutters, adhesives and paper punches can get to be incredibly expensive. When making my Save the Dates and Invitations, I ended up having to make multiple trips to the office supply store for printer cartridges. Expensive.

#2 Time

DIY Weddings are incredibly time consuming. It takes time to create templates, to find materials, to cut out materials and to assemble everything. As my fiance always reminds me, “Consider what your time is worth.” If you don’t have a lot of spare time to devote to your DIY projects, it may be a better choice to simply purchase your wedding items. If you are dead set on creating everything yourself, find some helping hands. Have a few friends and family members to help will certainly help your projects go faster.

#3 Stress

Being a bride and planning a wedding is stressful in itself. Consider the fact that you will be adding a lengthy list of DIY wedding projects to your already overwhelming to-do list.  In this case as well, if you choose to take the DIY route, find a friend or family member to help you complete your DIY projects. This can help alleviate some of the stress you may encounter. A little wine helps too.

I love DIY projects, and I am enjoying the process of making things for our wedding.  Throughout the process, I simply encountered some obstacles and realizations that I wish I had known before I started!

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