A Thoughtful Gift for Him

Thoughtful Gifts for Him

Stumped about what to get your man for his birthday? Valentines Day? Father’s Day? Christmas? Trouble thinking of thoughtful gifts for him?

Keep it simple. Start by think of things that your boyfriend/partner/husband likes.
Craft Beer SelectionsMy fiance likes beer. Specifically, he enjoys trying new beers. So, I went to the local liquor store and found an entire aisle of Craft Beer bombers (22 oz beers, which I like to think are a bit more sophisticated than the traditional 40oz). These beers come in a variety of styles to fit your man’s preferences. I recommend checking out CraftBeer.com and doing your research prior to shopping.  Choose a few different types of beer and maybe even add a bottle of rum, whisky or vodka.  I picked up a sturdy red bowl that my fiance can use long after the beers are gone, and placed the beers and a card in the bowl. Simple, thoughtful andhe loved it.

Beer Gift Basket

There are so many ways you can can create thoughtful gifts for him…small liquor shooters, hot sauces, designer sodas, different types of candy, socks, ties, sausage/cheeses/crackers….you name it. So, think about what your man likes and give it a try. I guarantee he will love your thoughtful gift.

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