Getting Married at the Platinum Hotel

Amy and ShaneWe knew we wanted to get married in Las Vegas.  It had been decided before we were even engaged.  Admittedly, a destination wedding may be challenging for the bride who has been planning her wedding since she was a little girl. It may also be a challenge for the “control freak.” So much of the planning is done from afar, and decisions are often made without ever actually seeing, feeling or tasting any options.

For Shane and I, a destination wedding was the perfect option. We have so many amazing memories together in Vegas.  It is our city.  And neither one of us had strong opinions about what the wedding should look like. We were excited to be married with our friends and family members there to witness our special day.

We considered a number of different hotels in Las Vegas.  There are venues to fit every couple’s personal style and preferences.  When I stumbled upon The Platinum Hotel,  I fell in love.  This hotel offered an impressive all-inclusive wedding package and an incredible backdrop for a wedding ceremony and reception.

The Platinum Hotel at Night

The Platinum Hotel offers two locations for a wedding ceremony and reception.  Couples can choose to celebrate their special day poolside, or they may choose the rooftop deck.  We chose the rooftop deck, which offers a panoramic view of the Las Vegas strip. The reception is held in a room featuring the same beautiful panoramic view.

The all-inclusive package makes The Platinum Hotel an even more appealing wedding location. For one price, The Platinum Hotel includes:

  • A wedding ceremony, with a wonderful (and incredibly funny) pastor
  • A photographer, and generous photography package
  • A videographer
  • A DJ
  • Cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres
  • An impressive (and delicious) buffet dinner
  • A four hour open bar
  • Flowers for the ceremony and reception
  • And event coordinator who helps you keep it all together
  • A complimentary suite on the night of the wedding

If you are looking for a classy wedding in Las Vegas for a reasonable price, I highly recommend The Platinum Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Read about our wedding experience, and to read more about the awesome vendors we were lucky to work with.

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