No Spend January Week Two Recap

Week 2: Alas, I have failed again.

What happened?

During week two of No Spend January, I purchased Starbucks and fast food again.  At the beginning of each week my intentions are good. My resolve is strong. I don’t know about you guys, but I am finding that I am a stress spender. Don’t get me wrong. We aren’t talking driving to the local mall and spending wildly. I didn’t purchase any Louboutin heels, or an Hermes bag. I bought Starbucks, because I was having a stressful, crummy day.  I’m not calling last week a total loss. Instead, I realize I am making progress in two ways: 1) I am spending less, simply by being aware and 2) I’m recognizing that I have spending triggers. I will also say that, this week, we used gift cards from Christmas to enjoy a nice lunch, and peruse Barnes & Noble with the little one. And he used his gift card to buy some new books. The whole day was virtually free!

Moving Forward…

This week, I will try again. Before making any purchases this week, I want to reflect on why I want to buy something. Am I feeling deprived? Am I stressed, or tired? And then I can try and deal with those thoughts and feeling in another way, like going for a walk, or having a cup of coffee at home!  So… week three of No Spend January, here we go!

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