Baby is Eleven Months Old

Eleven months old…already. Our baby will be a one-year-old in one month. I just can’t believe it has been a year since we welcomed little Baby B to the world.  As he approaches his big day, he becomes more and more of a toddler, and less of a baby. Every day he gives us something to be proud of.

At eleven months…

  • Baby B is standing up at any opportunity, pulling himself up on the furniture, and practicing balancing.
  • He likes to sit on his knees, and is officially crawling (all over the place).
  • He has learned some words like “bat” and “down,” and he is working on “duck.”
  • He makes a kissy face (that looks a little bit like a fishy face).
  • Daddy got him a new walker, and loves to stand and play, and practice walking.
  • He has decided he no longer likes purées, and prefers finger foods instead. He loves cut up hotdogs, noodles, potatoes, chicken, berries, and waffles!
  • He’s doing really well drinking out of a straw, and can drink out of straws of all sizes now.
  • He recently explored the Manitou Cliff dwellings with mommy, Gramma and Pop-pop.


  • Sleeping is still a bit of a challenge. Naps and nighttime sleeping are not going well right now. Mommy is tired.
  • Curls curls curls. His hair is getting very curly in the back!
  • He has a new tooth coming in, up top!
  • He is one of the oldest babies in his Baby Time group at the library, but he loves it, and he is doing a great. He listens so intently when the leader reads the daily book.


  • He loves to dance and sing. He has his own hand motions when we sing “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider,” and he sings along with “Old McDonald.”
  • He loves the “Bubble Guppies,” and “Mutt & Stuff.”
  • He loves books and he always turns the pages for mommy. We read together multiple times throughout the day.


  • He loves to play with his basketball hoop, putting the ball through the hoop.

So, as we approach his first birthday, I simply want time to slow down a bit. Our little boy is growing so fast, and its so amazing to watch him learn and grow into a funny, smart little guy.

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