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Five Things Friday 4.29.16

I can’t believe it is already time for Five Things Friday! Since I missed last week (oops), I feel like I have so much to talk about!

Our quirky little boy

As our son gets older, he has begun to develop so many little quirks. His personality is really emerging! When I am feeding him, he will abruptly stop, and toss his head to the side if daddy starts talking. He is fascinated by glasses, hats and ties and loves to grab them, and steal them. But velcro rollers in mommy’s hair are a not acceptable. They freak him out. His food must be warmed to his desired temperature, or he is not eating it. And, if Spongebob or Mickey’s Clubhouse are on the television, don’t bug him. Its so fun to watch these preferences develop as the days pass.

Phew! What a relief

A while back, my husband realized that his wedding ring was missing. We looked everywhere–the house, his car, the yard…everywhere. We thought he had accidentally thrown it away, or he had dropped it outside. At a loss, we planned to buy him a new ring to replace the original. Then, two weeks ago, my husband received a call from his coworker. While they were installing new monitors on my husband’s computer, and digging around in the wires behind his desk, his coworker found his wedding ring. When my husband told me, I cried, and cried, and cried. It’s not so much about the material value of the ring. Yes, its unique, and we had it custom made. More importantly, however, is the fact that it is ring we used in our wedding ceremony. That’s something that cannot be replaced. As a thank you, my husband bought his coworker lunch, and I made him peanut butter cookies with extra peanuts!wedding-ring


It’s been just over a week now, and I am still shocked and heartbroken at the news of Prince’s passing. I have been a Prince fan since I was a little, little girl, singing “Little Red Corvette” in the back of my mom’s car. Celebrity deaths don’t generally affect me, as they often seem expected. In this case, however, I was shocked. Prince is a legend. He was still young, making music, touring. It was amazing to see the world’s reaction to this loss, as it seems most people feel the same way.

The Cherry Creek Sneak

Last Sunday, my husband, my munchkin and myself drove to Denver for the Cherry Creek Sneak. This is an annual 5k in which you run or walk the streets surrounding the Cherry Creek mall area in Denver. At the end, you receive yummy treats, and beer. It was a blast. And Baby B did an awesome job, sleeping throughout the walk!  Our pace was a bit slow (15.5 minute mile), but that is not too shabby, considering we were navigating the crowd with a stroller. I was impressed with the post race snacks this year (Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy and Noosa…need I say more?), and this year’s shirts look great! Now, my husband and I can wear matching outfits whenever we go for a run. Just kidding. Cherry-creek-sneak

Happy Birthday Hubby!

This coming Monday is my husband’s birthday. Now, it’s not just any birthday. This one is a biggie. The big 4-0! I’m not sure why, but 40 tends to be one of those birthdays that hit us the hardest. Not for my husband. Our recent conversations reveal that he is really taking this milestone in stride. Instead of seeing forty as a symbol of old age, or a “mid-life” marker, my husband is determined to make his forties his best years yet. And they will be. With a new baby, and two teenage boys, the next decade will be nothing less than an adventure. Happy Birthday, baby! And here is to the best decade yet! Love you <3Amy_Shane-72

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