Baby is Eight Months Old

Eight months ago we welcomed our little munchkin into the world. Each and every day my husband and I marvel at what an amazing little boy he is, and what…


Baby is Seven Months Old

Our little munchkin is seven months old! It seems like we have seen so many changes in the last month. Virtually every morning, he seems older and each day he…

6 months old

Baby is Six Months Old

It’s hard to believe that our little man has been with us for half a year. It has been the most amazing, life changing, sleep deprived, wonderful six months of…

5 months old

Baby is Five Months Old

Five months ago, we welcomed our little man into the world. I can’t decide if it feels like just yesterday, or years ago. All I know is that he is…


Baby is Four Months Old!

Today‚Äôs photo shoot was a bit difficult. Our little man was simply too preoccupied with his feet, and annoyed with my attempts to get him to smile. I can’t believe…