Stuff my Toddler Would Rather Play With

I know this isn’t news to someone who already has children, but I find it fascinating how little interest our 18 month old shows in his brightly colored, fun, interactive toys. He’d much rather play with all of the things that are not toys at all, and those things he is not supposed to touch. Here are just a few of little man’s favorite things:

Remote Controls

From a very early age, the little guy has loved remote controls. He frequently steals them, and intently pushes buttons as he aims at the television. In the process he has reset our wifi settings, changed the display settings and recorded numerous, odd infomercials and religious programming. Add cell phones and video game controllers to the list, too.

Toilet Paper

He loves taking long pieces of toilet paper from the bathroom and tearing them into tiny pieces as he wanders the house!

Couch Cushions

While he has a play tunnel and a play house, he’s much rather take the cushions from the couch to climb on!


I used to subscribe to Birchbox. For a while, he would sit and intently examine each of the bottles, tubes and applicators in each box. Eventually we had to put an end to this to avoid choking and disastrous messes.

Mommy’s Purse

This is especially fun at his brother’s basketball games. it doesn’t matter how many action figures I bring, he insists on taking everything out of mommy’s┬ápurse and handing the items to those sitting nearby.

Wallets and Credit Cards

My husband ended up putting together a wallet full of empty gift cards, so that the little guy could have a wallet of his own.

Dryer Sheets

I’m not sure if it is the texture or the transparency, but any time he finds a dryer sheet, he wanders the room using it to “clean.”

Mixing Bowls and Lids

This little boy now has his own set of mixing bowls in his play area. They serve as hats, mountains, and receptacles for all kinds of junk. In the kitchen, he really enjoys playing with the collection of lids, as well.


The more expensive, the better. He also enjoys daddy’s Microsoft band and mommy’s Apple Watch.

The Broom and Mop

Our little guy loves to grab the broom and “help!” And I can’t mop the floor without his help! I only hope this enthusiastic assistance continues into his teens!

What types of quirky things do your kids love to play with?

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