Starting Kindergarten During Covid-19

This time last year, I was so wrapped up in figuring out where Brooks would attend Kindergarten. I was stressed out because he would be too young to attend our local school district, even though he is 4 and reading, and doing basic math. The neighboring school district was an option, but I worried because there wouldn’t be any services available should he need more challenging curriculum. Then, I stumbled upon a charter school in yet another district (where I once taught), that serves gifted and talented students. The only downside to this school is that it is pretty far from our house, so we would be spending a good amount of time in the car each day. But, all-in-all, it was going to be an awesome option. We never thought he’d be starting Kindergarten during Covid-19

Flash forward to August of 2020, and we have an entirely new set of concerns.

Starting Kindergarten during Covid-19 is new, uncharted territory. As an educator, and as a former student who struggled with a number of issues while I was in school, I desperately want school to be a positive experience for both of the boys. This is of utmost importance to me. I don’t want anyone to steal his passion for learning. I don’t want anyone to steal his imagination, his love for singing and dancing, his spark. As an educator, I can tell you…it happens all of the time.

I tell you all of this because, as we all plan to return to school in just a few weeks, school is going to look different. And we are all faced with some difficult decisions.

As I think about Brooks, and his Kindergarten class, I worry:

  • What will social distancing look like in a Kindergarten classroom.
  • What will replace stations?
  • What about recess?
  • How will he feel after a long day in one classroom, with little movement?

So we consider the virtual learning option, instead. We realize that this is a luxury for us, as work-from-home parents.

And, what will this mean for his experience?

  • Will he have a chance to know his teacher?
  • Will he make friends?
  • Will he be able to learn as easily?
  • Will I help or hurt this experience?

I so desperately wish that Brooks would be able to start Kindergarten under different circumstances. Starting Kindergarten during Covid-19 isn’t ideal, but it is our reality.

So we are going to do a few things to make his experience special, as though he was starting school in a classroom:

  • We’ll buy back-to-school clothes.
  • We will take “first day of school” pictures.
  • We are setting up a special workspace, just for Brooks.
  • We will get him a whole new set of school supplies. that are just for school work.

This may seem silly. And maybe it is more for me than for Brooks. But although he is starting Kindergarten during Covid-19, I want him to know that this IS an exciting experience. It is special. And I really want him to be able to love school, no matter what challenges we are facing.


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