Potty Training Toolkit (for boys)

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Okay, okay. I know that technically you don’t need any tools to train a little one. All you need is a toilet.  If you are anything like me, with a super stubborn little boy, there are some “tools” that helped make potty training a little more interesting and appealing!

Here is what we have in our potty training toolkit:




  1. Elmo Hooray! 3-1 Potty This is a fun, kid-sized potty that makes potty training a little less scary for little ones. And, the potty seat can be removed and placed on the adult toilet, once kids are ready to transition from the training potty.
  2. Potty by Leslie Patricelli This is a fun, light hearted board book that makes potty training fun! The baby in the book has to decide whether or not to go in their diaper, or in the potty!
  3. P is for PottyWe already love our Sesame Street books, and we have quite a few. In this story, Elmo’s cousin is learning to go potty too. What I love about this book is the way it talks about accidents; they happen, and it is okay!
  4. Step Stool This step stool comes in really handy to help a little one reach an adult potty, and to reach the sink to wash their hands afterward!
  5. Comfy Undies I think that it can be tempting to buy fun superhero underwear, or underwear with cartoon characters for potty training. But one of the most important considerations should be comfort. I recommend these cute and comfy Lucky & Me boxer briefs. They are made from organic cotton, and they are tagless!
  6. Summer Infant My Size Potty Yes, we purchased two potties. One for upstairs, and one for downstairs. This one looks just like the grown-up-potty. This is easy to clean, and has a place for wipe storage.
  7. Perfect Potty Zoo: The Funniest ABC Book This is a longer book, but it is a fun, silly story about pottying, as it explores how each animal at the zoo goes potty!
  8. Potty Superhero: Get Ready for Big Boy Pants Another fun, silly book about potty training that makes light of ditching the diapers, and wearing big boy pants!


To read more about our potty training journey, check out my story here.

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