Postpartum Must Haves for Mommy

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I Was So Unprepared

I spent most of my first pregnancy reading.  I read blogs about how to prepare for baby, how to breastfeed, how my baby was developing. I read books about what to expect throughout my pregnancy. I read forums and message boards, and chatted about all things pregnancy. But there is one thing I wasn’t prepared for: caring for my postpartum body.

Learning From Experience

One thing we often forget is that our body will need to be cared for, as well. Yes, we will be caring for our newborn’s needs, but giving birth means that our bodies are recovering from a rather traumatic experience. There will be some pain. There will be some (okay, a lot of) bleeding. There will be nipple pain. There will be uterine cramps. And I was NOT prepared.

This time around, I am gathering some supplies to help make my recovery more comfortable, as I care for our new little munchkin.

#1: Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray: This stuff is amazing for numbing any soreness you are experiencing from birth, especially if you have tears (or the dreaded hemorrhoids)

#2: Earth Mama Perineal Spray: This helps ease pain, and facilitate healing of the perineal area.

#3: Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear for Women: I swear by these. The giant mesh panties, and thick hospital pads made me feel less-than-human after birth. And they didn’t fully protect against leaks. These incontinence pads are “lower-profile” and can help you feel a bit more “normal” again, while still providing great protection while dealing with lochia.

#4: Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter: You may or may not need a nipple cream, but it is best to have one on hand. I hated the lanolin provided by the hospital, and opted for this, instead.

#5: Earth Mama Organic Milkmaid Tea: If you plan on nursing, you may want to try a lactation tea. I needed all the help I could get, at least at first. I recommend avoiding any products with fenugreek, as these can cause tummy issues for baby and mommy.

#6: Tucks Cool Hemorrhoid Pad: You can refrigerate these, and layer them on a pad for more perineal relief, post birth.

#7: Colace Clear Stool Softener: I know it may be TMI, but this is what I struggled with most, postpartum. Constipation. And a terrible fear of using the bathroom after birth. Colace is a must!

#8: Large Cup or Water Bottle With Straw: If you are going to be nursing, you are going to need to stay hydrated. Having a big water bottle nearby will help ensure that you keep your water intake up!

#9: Comfortable Nursing Bras: Being a bit bustier, I struggled to find comfortable nursing bras. Make sure you find nursing bras that offer support, without irritation and discomfort.

#10: Comfy Postpartum Clothes: Your postpartum body has been through a lot. And it is about to go through more crazy changes now that baby is here. Make sure that you have plenty of comfy clothes for your first few weeks postpartum. I prefer soft, flowy pants and leggings, and long shirts.

#11: Belly Bandit: These are not just for the sake of vanity. Instead, belly bands can help your uterus to continue contracting, and shrinking. It can also help provide support for c-section incisions.

#12: Fridababy Fridet: Filled with warm water, these peri bottles provide support, and can help keep any tear sutures clean.

#13: Hair Ties and Headbands: During your first few days and weeks with baby, you may not want to deal with your hair. I recommend having some cute headbands and hair accessories available, so you can throw your hair up (or back), and feel somewhat “put together.”

#14: Face Cleansing Wipes: So, there will be times when you feel a little gross, and won’t have the opportunity to take a shower. I recommend face cleansing wipes to help you freshen up throughout the day!

#15: Snacks Breastfeeding requires a whole lot of fuel. Keep some healthy, protein packed snacks nearby for those times when you can’t get up and get something more substantial. And, why not kill two birds with one stone by choosing tasty snacks for lactation support!

#16: A Caddy (or two): Use these caddies to create mobile nursing stations. Fill them up with nursing supplies, and have them within arm’s reach when nursing!

What are some other must-have items that you recommend for new moms? Leave your comment, below!

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