Photography for Moms: A Beginner’s Guide to Equipment

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There are only a few key things you need in order to start taking great photos.  The first thing you need is a camera. In this series of articles, I will be focusing on DSLR photography, based on what I have learned in classes, and through my own personal experience.

Here is my quick guide for everything you need to get started:

  1. A Camera:  The two brands of DSLR cameras that seem to be most popular are Nikon and Canon. We  have a Nikon D3300 and a Nikon D5300. This is my husband’s second Nikon. They are great cameras, and it is fairly easy to find accessories. These cameras have a number of “bells and whistles,” and are great “beginner” cameras. Note: I recommend buying your camera new, or purchasing a certified refurbished camera from Nikon or an authorized dealer. These cameras are not inexpensive, and it is always better to be safe than sorry! The standard Nikon D333 comes with a great starter lens (18-55mm f 3.5-5.6) that will allow you to zoom and create some background blur.
  2. Additional Lens: I also really love the Nikon 85mm f 1.8 lens I recently purchased. It is a great portrait lens, and works really well for taking photos of my munchkins. Something to keep in mind here: if you are not going to be working as a professional photographer, there are some great off-brand lenses that will work just as well as the Nikon lenses. Tamron is a reputable company that creates quality, affordable lenses that you may want to consider.
  3. A remote: In addition to your camera and lens, I recommend purchasing a remote. These are super cheap, and easy to use. They will allow you to set your camera up, and take photos remotely, which can come in really handy when taking pictures of babies, small children, etc.
  4. An SD Card: This is where the photo files will be stored, since DSLR cameras do not have film. I recommend having a few of these on hand, in case one decides not to work.
  5. You will also want to get yourself a tripod or two. My photography teacher suggested checking out the local Goodwill for an inexpensive tripod. In my experience, however, you can find great, affordable tripods on Amazon, that can normally be delivered in just a few days.
  6. A Camera Bag: Camera equipment is expensive, so you want to make sure you have a safe, clean, dry place to store all of your stuff! I love this bag. Its fashionable, and has tons of storage!

Other things you may want to consider investing in: extra batteries and an external flash.

Something to consider: This can seem really expensive but, if you sit down and calculate the amount of money you could spend on newborn photos alone, this camera will pay for itself in no time.

Check out the other articles in my Photography for Moms series:


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