Painting Textured Walls

My fiance and I love the idea of accent walls. When we purchased our new home we had big plans for painting each room, and adding accent walls throughout the house. And then we started to paint. Our walls are textured. Very textured. No matter what we tried (painters tape, edging tools, edging guards), the paint bled under the tape and we were left with blobs of paint where we did not want them.

Before painting the accent wall in our living room, I was determined to find a solution to this problem. And I did.  There is a simple, albeit time consuming, strategy to painting textured walls!
Supplies for painting textured wallsWhat you will need
Touch up paint that matches the neighboring walls
Paint in desired color
Painters Tape (I used Frog Tape)
A small/medium brush



Prepare wall for paintingStep One: Prepare your wall for painting. Carefully apply painters tape along the edges of your wall.  Don’t forget drop cloths!




First step to painting textured wallsStep Two: Using the touch up paint (which matches the neighboring walls), you will “seal” the painters tape. To do this, paint along the edges of the wall, making sure to fill any gaps between the painters tape and the wall.  Let this dry for a few minutes before you begin painting with your new color.



Second step to painting textured wallsStep Three: Paint the edges of the wall using the new paint color. Because you have already sealed the painters tape to the wall, your new color will not bleed beneath the tape.




Third step to painting textured wallsStep Four: Paint the rest of the wall.

Step Five: Once you have finished painting, remove the painters tape. You want to make sure that you do this before the paint has dried too much, as it may lift some of the paint from the wall. If you notice this happening, simply use a razor blade to carefully cut along the painters tape, so that the paint doesn’t lift!



The results are a clean line between the two colors


And thats it! It is amazing the difference a clean line makes!




walls before paint Walls after paint technique

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