No Spend January Week One Recap

No spend January week 1

Week 1: Failed

What Happened?

So No Spend January Week One was a failure, guys! I tried my hardest, but I still spent outside of my planned budget twice, on fast food. Why? This week my husband and I got clobbered with a nasty cold. Honestly, neither of us felt like cooking at all. So eating out just a little isn’t too bad! I still feel lame, and a bit embarrassed that I couldn’t go one week without spending! I did notice I spent less, and didn’t hit the local Starbucks once. That in itself is a small victory for this tired, stressed momma!

Moving forward…

Next week is a new week, and I will do better, darn it!

  • We did some better grocery shopping and meal planning this week, so it would be wasteful to eat out.
  • This week I have no spending planned besides groceries and possibly gas!

Wish me luck!

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