No Spend January Comes To An End

As No Spend January comes to a close, so does my first month’s goal, to spend less. It wasn’t the complete success that I had hoped it would be. I managed only one complete week without spending, thanks to a nasty bout of the stomach flu. I still managed to spend unnecessarily during each of the other three weeks.


How Did It Go?

I wouldn’t consider my goal to spend less a failure. No, I wasn’t perfect, but I made progress. I might officially rename this “Spend Less January,” because that is exactly what I did. As a teacher, I am paid at the beginning of each month, and I plan and budget so that my one paycheck stretches the whole month. Normally, as the last week of the month approaches, I am cutting it pretty close. But not this month. This month I have a few dollars to spare.

Now What?

Moving forward, I am going to be more aware of my spending, especially when I am especially stressed. I am also going to limit my Starbucks visits to once a week. This means Starbucks will become more of a treat, and something to look forward to, rather than an emotional splurge.

If you have given any thought to a no-spend month, I highly recommend giving it a try. What do you have to lose?

Did you attempt a “No Spend January?” If so, how did it go? Comment below and share your experience!

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