Simple No Sew Pillows

Bare Couch No PillowsWe recently purchased a new couch for our family room.  The couch, with no throw pillows, looked so naked. After shopping around at many local stores, I discovered that throw pillows are expensive and to accessorize our couch would have cost well over $50.  I decided that with a little fabric, I could repurpose some old, ugly pillows I had sitting around.

Simple New Sew Pillow


But wait! I have no sewing machine. Thanks to one of my favorite products on the market, Unique Stitch, this is no problem. I was able to create four no sew pillows for under $20, using GLUE! No sewing machine, no problem!

No Sew Pillow SuppliesHere is what you will need:
Fabric (approximately one yard per pillow)
A tube of Unique Stitch
An Iron
Old Throw Pillows


Old Pillows

First, iron your fabric. I folded my fabric in half, with the print inside of the fold. This will save you time in the long run. Take the stuffing out of an old throw pillow and set stuffing aside (mine looked like a furry green monster).

Use old pillows as a templateYou can use the “empty” pillow as a template for your new pillow by placing it on your fabric and tracing with a fabric marker, pen or Sharpie. I traced approximately an inch wider than my pillow for a seam allowance. Carefully cut along the line you created. Since your fabric is folded, this should create two identical pieces.

Note: If you choose not to use a template, and you would prefer to simply “freehand” your pillow, make sure that you cut your fabric at least 1/2 inch wider on each side. Otherwise your pillow will be smaller than you’d like.


Next, place a towel underneath your fabric so that you don’t ruin your work surface.  You will be gluing your pieces of fabric together.
Glue the edges of the pillowLayer the pieces of fabric, patterned sides touching.  Fold the top piece of fabric back, approximately 2″.

Apply a thin, consistent thread of unique stitch along the edge of the bottom piece of fabric, approximately 1/2″ from the edge.  Carefully lay the top fabric back down on top of the bottom piece. Gently press along the glue line so that the layers adhere to one another. Repeat this with three of the four edges.

On the fourth and final side you will apply the Unique Stitch differently, so that you can turn the fabric right-side-out once your glue has dried.  On the fourth side, apply the Unique Stitch just as you did on the first three sides but leave a 5″ gap in the middle.  Let this glue dry for thirty to forty five minutes.


Stuffed pillow with open seamOnce your glue has dried, its time to stuff your pillow! You can use the filling from an old pillow, or you can purchase filling from your local craft store.  Turn your fabric inside-out so that the print is now on the outside. Fill your pillow to your desired firmness. Make sure that you place filling in the corners, and ensure that the stuffing is distributed evenly before sealing the opening.


Pillow with closed seam.

Now that the pillow is full, it is time to seal the hole that was used to insert stuffing.  You can use an iron to neatly fold the fabric inward where you will create your seam. Place a fine thread of Unique Stitch along the inside of the seam. press both pieces of fabric together, and fasten with a series of pins.  Make sure the glue has dried thoroughly before removing the pins!



Simple New Sew PillowAnd there you have it…simple, fun, affordable DIY throw pillows.  For only $20 I was able to make four new pillows and add a bit of character to our new couch!

Couch with pillows


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