My New Favorite Nail Polish: CND Vinylux

CND Vinylux Nail PolishI love nail polish. Love love love it. Over the years, I have accumulated a fairly large collection of polish in different colors and textures. My toes are ALWAYS painted. My fingernails, however, are a different story.

Being a classroom teacher for years has turned me into an obsessive hand-washer. I also spend a lot of time cleaning and crafting. And of course I don’t use gloves. Needless to say, I cannot keep polish on my nails to save my life. It doesn’t matter what base coats or top coats I use. Even acrylic nails quickly lift.

Last week, however, I read an article about CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish. The makers claim that the polish lasts seven day’s without chips, cracks or peeling.  Even better, it comes off with your run of the mill polish remover, and it doesn’t stain your natural nail. I was immediately skeptical. I decided to try it for myself. I chose CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish in Rouge Red.

Now finding a bottle of Vinylux can be tricky. They don’t sell it at Walgreens, CVS, Ulta, Sephora or Sally. You CAN purchase from Amazon, or from professional beauty supply stores like SalonCentric (which only works if you have the necessary license). I have seen pricing from $3 per bottle to $8 per bottle. Check out the product information and the colors here.
CND Vinylux Two Step ProcessIt is important to buy both the nail color AND the top coat. Apparently the top coat is what makes this polish extra tough. And it is important not to use a base coat. In fact, make sure you cleanse your nails thoroughly, and let them dry completely before applying the color.  CND recommends applying two coats. I was impressed with the coverage (and consistency) of the first coat, but I went ahead and applied two coats, letting the first coat dry completely before applying the second.  Once the color has dried, apply the Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish Top Coat.  Some comments and discussions I have read suggest applying the top coat every few days. I haven’t and they still look great.

The top coat in itself is awesome. It dries quickly, and gives your nails great shine that you would normally only get with a gel manicure (without the damage).

I have been wearing this polish for four days, and they still look as shiny and flawless as they day one. I am sold (and for me, that takes a lot). I will definitely be stocking up on a variety of CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish colors. I highly suggest you check it out!


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