My Second Baby Bump: 32 Weeks Pregnant

I am not sure why, but being 32 weeks pregnant has me feeling like the end of pregnancy is near. I still have eight weeks to go (give or take one), but I feel like the baby is going to be here in the blink of an eye. My husband and I were just laughing about how long it feels like I have been pregnant.  While I enjoy being pregnant, I am going to welcome the end of this pregnancy.

At 32 Weeks Pregnant…

How big is baby? 32 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of a aquahs (16.6 inches, 3.75 lbs)

Weight gain:  I have gained about six pounds in the last month, but it makes sense as the little guy is growing so quickly!

Symptoms: This is the first week that I have been feeling downright awful. I really hate to complain, as aches and pains simply come with pregnancy, but I am really struggling this week.  To begin, I am so exhausted. I am not sleeping soundly, and am dealing with a lot of hip pain.  Then, I woke up at 3:45 on Tuesday with an insane, unshakeable calf cramp. And my calf is still so super sore, as if I overdid it it on the calf raise machine at the gym. My heels are cracking from my weight, and the dry air. I just feel crummy. I am hoping that some of this will pass.

Appointments:  We had our 32 week appointment on Monday, my 38th birthday! Baby is growing, and his heart sounds healthy. At our next appointment (only two weeks away), we will begin our weekly ultrasounds!

Maternity clothes: At 32 weeks pregnant I have outgrown my maternity jeans y’all. They leave deep red lines in my tummy.  My solution: I bought two more pairs of maternity leggings, four long, spandex tank tops, and my husband bought me three cozy, pretty cardigans for my birthday. I will be combining these pieces throughout the rest of my pregnancy. At this point, it is all about comfortable, and finding things that will fit.

What I’m loving about pregnancy: This week, I am loving feeling the baby move. He is very active, and I can still feel him very well. When I laid on the table at my OB’s office, an elbow (or maybe a knee) was jutting straight up out of my belly. Its just so fun to be able to feel him like that!

What I’m missing most during pregnancy: I am missing sleep, and wine, and margaritas, and beer, and will begin missing eggnog. I have actually been working hard on cleaning up my diet this week, but I am not really missing any foods.

Cravings and Aversions: No cravings this week, and no aversions. I am a bit disappointed that I am not able to really enjoy the Starbucks holiday drinks this year, but it is probably for the best!

I am looking forward to:  There is a lot to look forward to this week. I am looking forward to our hospital birth center tour on Sunday, as well as a short work week, and Thanksgiving next week! I cannot wait to put up our Christmas tree, and begin preparing for Christmas!

Staying fit: Gym? What is a gym? Between appointments, and having a sick munchkin this week, the gym has been a no-go once again. And my body is feeling it. I have been staying active by cleaning, and chasing a three year old, but my body is definitely achy!

Our family:  This isn’t necessarily baby related, but I am so excited about Christmas this year. I think this is the first year that Brooks is really going to understand the idea of Christmas, and Santa. I can’t wait to see him enjoy this really magical time of year.

Currently reading: This week I haven’t really read anything baby related, nor have I watched anything. It has been a little hectic, but hopefully next week I can get back on track.

32 Weeks Pregnant: Then and now…









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