My Second Baby Bump: 31 Weeks Pregnant

This week we are 31 weeks pregnant, just one week shy of 8 months! And, as the holidays approach, I am realizing that I really love being pregnant in the winter, during the holidays. Big cozy sweaters and leggings are completely acceptable, and cold days are perfect for staying in, and snuggling up.

At 31 Weeks Pregnant

How big is baby? 31 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of asparagus: about 18 inches, and 3.2 pounds.

Weight gain:  I decided to give in and weigh myself. Since my last doctor’s appointment, I have not gained any additional weight. This is such a relief, and I can definitely feel that my bump growth is slowing down!

Symptoms: I am really just experiencing more of the same: back, rib and hip pain come and go. One thing I really noticed this week is my breathlessness. I know that my lungs are becoming really cramped, and carrying the extra 30 pounds around in no easy task!

Appointments:  Only a few days until our 8 month appointment. I seriously cannot believe it. D-day is quickly approaching, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Maternity clothes: I am in the market for some more leggings. At this point, jeans are just not comfortable any longer. Otherwise, I think I am good in terms of maternity clothes.

What I’m loving about pregnancy: As I mentioned above, I love being pregnant during the holidays. Snuggling in with my boys, and feeling the baby move around in my tummy is the sweetest experience. I am trying to really soak in my time with Brooks right now, in his last weeks of being my only baby. I think this is something I am going to struggle with, as we welcome his little brother.

What I’m missing most during pregnancy: I am missing sleep, and now I miss being able to really reach my toes. I tried to give myself a pedicure this weekend, but it was such a struggle. I couldn’t breathe and paint my toes at the same time!

Cravings and Aversions: No real cravings lately! I have been so excited about the Starbucks’ holiday drinks. But, after enjoying two, I am realizing that they are making me feel really sick (nauseous). I don’t think that my tummy can handle the sugar. It is probably a blessing in disguise, but I am definitely disappointed.

I am looking forward to:  I am looking forward to meeting our little guy, and to two (incredibly short) weeks of maternity leave, where I can just soak in my little family. Brooks bought a present for the baby, and he is so excited to give it to him, once baby makes arrives!

Staying fit: I failed! I did not make it to the gym this week, at all. Sleep has not been happening, and I am exhausted. While I want to make the gym a priority, I worry about my ability to do so safely, and sanely at this time.

Our family: As I mentioned above, we are beginning to make our preparations for baby. I created our packing list for the hospital bag, and I bought an outfit for baby to wear home. We have compiled our list of things to buy for baby, and we have a plan for where the baby will sleep. We are making progress, as time seems to fly by.

Currently reading: So, instead of reading this week, I watched The Business of Being Born, which I have been looking forward to for some time now. And it really reinforced my thoughts and feelings around my birth plans and preferences. I definitely recommend this documentary to any expectant mommies!

31 Weeks Pregnant: Then and now…









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