My Second Baby Bump: 28 Weeks Pregnant

It is here…the third trimester. While there are three months to go, being 28 weeks pregnant marks the final trimester. I am excited, and overwhelmed, but mostly excited.

At 28 Weeks…

How big is baby? 28 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of a cauliflower.

Weight gain: I have definitely gained more than I had hoped. I am up about 25 pounds, total. This is more than I would like to have gained. But the nurse that I saw today didn’t seem to be concerned, at all. She said that, because my tummy is on the big side, and baby is on the big side, I am going to likely start losing my appetite a bit, and it should all level out!

Symptoms: This week I am feeling better. I have periods of pain in my ribs, and my hips. I am beginning to experience some swelling in my legs and my fingers, but this could definitely be due to my less-than-stellar diet. I have been so incredibly tired, as well.

Appointments:  We had our 28 week appointment today.

Maternity clothes: I recently found some great stuff at Motherhood Maternity, for great prices. I found a few shirts, and cozy sweaters, just in time for the chilly fall weather!

What I’m loving about pregnancy: This is my favorite phase. The baby is so active now, and it is so fun to watch his movements. It is funny, the area where my belly button is feels hollow. So when the baby runs an elbow or foot across that area, I can REALLY feel him!

What I’m missing most during pregnancy: I am missing sleep this week. This isn’t so much an issue with pregnancy, but life. I haven’t been sleeping soundly. I toss and turn, and get up often to make sure Brooks is covered and comfy.

Cravings and Aversions: Yep. The spicy chicken sandwiches are still an issue. And there is something else I cannot stop thinking about. A few weeks ago, I had this amazing burger at a restaurant in Denver. It had cream cheese, minced jalapeños, and…raspberry jam. This was the server’s recommendation. Why would she do that to a pregnant chick? Now why would someone do that to a pregnant woman? I cannot stop thinking about it.

I am looking forward to:  The last few weeks have been pretty busy, and pretty intense. I am looking forward to all things fall, all things winter, and all things holiday! This weekend we will hit the pumpkin patch, and the costume store!

Staying fit: I did a bit better this week. I went to the gym twice, for two 45 minute workouts. Wednesday and Thursday threw us for a loop, as I had parent teacher conferences, and no time for the gym. I will try again next week!

Our family:  I just wanted to share a sweet conversation I had with Brooks on Thursday:

Brooks: Mommy, your tummy is getting so, so big. It is just getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger!

Me: I know buddy. Your brother is a giant baby. But you will get to meet him soon.

Brooks: And then I can sing him happy birthday.

Currently reading: I am about to reread Cynthia Gabriel’s Natural Hospital Birth, in preparation of writing out my birth preferences. Then, I want to spend more time exploring hypnobirthing, and meditation, to further prepare for our new addition.

28 Weeks Pregnant Then and Now…









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