My Second Baby Bump: 27 Weeks Pregnant

27 weeks pregnant! It is so strange how the first trimester seemed to pass so slowly, and as soon as we hit the second trimester, time began to fly. I don’t know if life just got busy, or if time sped up!

At 27 Weeks Pregnant…

How big is baby? 27 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of a bunch of lettuce (these comparisons are getting silly).

Weight gain: I still have no idea how much weight I have gained at this point, but I will find out next week. I don’t feel like I am getting much bigger, and my stomach seems to have slowed down quite a bit.

Symptoms: My symptoms are starting to get more intense, and I think it is the result of the weight I am carrying straight out front! My back is always sore, no matter where I sit or what I do. I am exhausted. I mean so tired. And I am hungry all the time.

Appointments:  Our next appointment is next Friday with a nurse, since my OB is still on maternity leave. Nothing exciting happening this week!

What I’m loving about pregnancy: I am still enjoying the movement, and am beginning to really grasp that I am about to be a mommy of two little boys. I am also feeling a sense of mourning, as I realize this is likely my last time being pregnant. I want to continue staying present, and enjoy every moment of the journey.

What I’m missing most during pregnancy: I am not really missing anything this week! We have been staying warm in the chilly Colorado weather, and eating healthy comfort food, which helps. And I bought some apple cider, to help replace the evening coffee that I used to enjoy!

Cravings and Aversions: As I noted above, we have been enjoying a lot of comfort food this week, albeit healthy. But I did sneak two spicy chicken sandwiches from Burger King. Dear Burger King, if you get rid of the spicy chicken sandwich before January, I will never forgive you.

I am looking forward to:  My sweet husband gifted me with a Nikon DSLR camera for Mother’s Day this year, and a series of photography classes. This weekend, I start part one of a three day course that will take me through all the settings on my camera. I am so excited. I am hoping to master the camera, and better understand photography in general. I would love to take my own newborn photos once the baby arrives!

Staying fit: So the gym has definitely taken a backseat this week. But I did make it to the gym twice, for two 45 minute cardio sessions. While I love this winter weather, it definitely kills any motivation I have had when it comes to working out or hitting the gym!

Our family:  We are simply enjoying the cold weather by staying snuggled inside. I am hoping for some Halloween/fall themed movies this weekend, in addition to some more yummy comfort food! Life is about to get crazy in a few months, so I want to really enjoy these slower-paced times while we can.

Currently reading/making:   Brooks had picked out some chenille yarn for the baby blanket, but it didn’t seem to be working very well. We went back to the craft store to pick out some new yarn. But now I have restarted the blanket three times with this new yarn. My perfectionist self makes some projects more difficult than they should be.

27 Weeks Pregnant: Then and now…









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