My Second Baby Bump: 26 Weeks Pregnant

Here we are at 26 weeks pregnant! I feel like I just wrote and posted my 25 week blog. Time is just flying by so quickly. In just two weeks I will be at the 7 month mark. I don’t know why, but that feels really…real.

At 26 weeks pregnant…


How big is baby? 26 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of a bunch of kale.

Weight gain: So, we put the scales away for a while, so I am not sure how much I weigh right now. From the way I look, and the way I feel, I don’t think I have really gained or lost any weight at this time.

Symptoms: I am back to having some back pain this week. At night I have been feeling bad, in general. Heartburn, upset stomach, headaches…all seem to come on at night. But I think that may be more a result of a stressful week, than this baby. Hopefully the upcoming week will be better!

Appointments:  No appointments for me for a few weeks! Hooray!

What I’m loving about pregnancy: The second trimester, especially the later part of the second trimester, is so fun. I feel well enough, and this baby is getting so big. I can feel defined movements…an elbow, or knee, or food, passing across my stomach. And, for the first time, Brooks was really able to feel his little brother move around in my tummy (he is still unphased).

What I’m missing most during pregnancy: I don’t know that I am really missing much this week, other than the ability to reach my feet. This week I discovered that it is now really challenging to paint my toenails. And doing so leads to foot cramps and a sore back. But, I got the job done!

Cravings and Aversions: This week I haven’t really had many cravings, which is nice. My husband and I have really gotten back to cooking and eating healthy meals at home, which is best for all of us. And I think it really makes us all feel better.

I am looking forward to:  My husband is surprising us with a staycation this weekend, so we will be getting out of Dodge, and enjoying an adventure. I am very excited! We will also be celebrating Brooks’ 3rd birthday with my family!

Staying fit: I didn’t go to the gym once this week. Brooks has been having a hard time at the gym daycare. He isn’t being naughty, but every time I pick him up I can see that he has been crying and is upset.  Now that he is three, he has to go to a different class, with a different teacher and different kids. Honestly, I am worried. But I am going to try and get him back to the gym this week. Fingers crossed.

Our family:  We are gearing up for fall, y’all! The house is (lightly) decorated for Halloween, and the pumpkin pecan waffle candle has been purchased. Bring on the pumpkin patch, the Halloween moves and the hot apple cider.

Currently reading:   I still haven’t been reading anything this week. My reading time has been spent doing yoga, meditating and crocheting a blanket for the baby. At this point, it is just too hard for me to focus on reading. I’ll blame pregnancy brain.

26 weeks pregnant: then and now…

Starting to look…pretty similar. I needed to see this comparison, as I had been worried about the size of my tummy!









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