My Second Baby Bump: 19 Weeks Pregnant

Another late post! We are a bit past 19 weeks pregnant at this point, but better late than never, right? Life has been busy, and the little guy has been keeping me on my toes, and without much sleep! Pregnancy brain, and pregnancy hormones, are not my friend.

At 19 Weeks Pregnant

  1. How far along are you, and how big is baby? 19 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of a mango.
  2. Do you know the sex/gender of the baby? It is a boy!
  3. Do you have a name picked out? We do!
  4. How much weight have you gained? I still haven’t gained any additional weight since our last appointment. Thank goodness! I have been working hard to watch my diet, and stay really active.
  5. How are you feeling? I am feeling about the same. I’m worn out, and am still experiencing some aches and pains in my hips, back and in my ribs. The soreness is really prominent at night. But this time around, I am not experiencing the swelling I had with my last pregnancy.
  6. Any appointments this week? We have our anatomy scan at the end of the week, and I am impatiently waiting. I cannot wait to see the little man. I am so curious as to what his profile will look like. To this day, Brooks looks just like his ultrasound image!
  7. Did you get any new maternity clothes? Besides my Gap haul, nothing new this week. A word to the wise… do yourself a favor and splurge on some quality basics from the Gap. I got three cozy long sleeve shirts, and some super soft leggings, and it is just what I needed in terms of comfort this week!
  8. What are you loving about pregnancy? I am finally feeling the little one move, and I am finally feeling like I am pregnant. There is a baby in my belly! And Brooks is really entertained with my stomach. He rubs it, pokes it, and wiggles it around constantly. It’s a little crazy, but really sweet.
  9. What are you missing most during pregnancy? Nothing really, besides my usual caffeine fixes throughout the day. One cup of coffee just isn’t cutting it.
  10. What are your cravings? Do you have any food aversions? Grilled cheese and tomato soup. I could seriously eat this combo every day for dinner, and lunch. I am also craving chocolate peanut butter ice cream, which I haven’t had for years, but it sounds so darn good!
  11. What are you looking forward to in the coming weeks? Our Friday appointment. I just cannot wait! And, we are almost to the “half-baked” point which is exciting! And, in about a month, our little boy is going to be three! It is bitter sweet, to say the least.
  12. What am I doing to stay fit at this point in the pregnancy? This has been my most active week yet. I did something to stay active 4 of the 5 days last week. I did 3 forty-five minute cardio sessions at the gym, and I took the little guy to a local nature center for a nature hike! I definitely feel the difference this time around, staying more active!
  13. How is our family feeling about the new addition? As we approach the half-way mark, I think it is becoming more real. We are having a baby. But I think we are all excited to be pregnant throughout the fall, and the holidays. It’s a perfect time to be snuggled in, nesting.
  14. What are you currently reading? I am almost done with Natural Hospital Birth. This is such an amazing resource for women who want to have natural birth in the hospital. My next step will be to read Ina May Gaskin’s book, and then I’ll draft my birth plan/birth preferences. I feel so hopeful that I can have this baby naturally. Without induction. Without Pitocin. Without an epidural. I am also really looking forward to laboring at home, in comfort, and in privacy, with my husband.

Going forward…

These weeks are flying! But I think my tummy growth is kind of leveling out, to be more similar to Baby Bump 1! Phew! Stay tuned for the results of our anatomy scan this week!

Then vs. Now









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