My Second Baby Bump: 18 Weeks

18 weeks pregnant!

We are almost to the halfway mark, which is really hard to believe. This week I finally brought the baby clothes up from the basement, to assess what we have, and what we will need. I’m working to try and make this whole thing feel “real.” You would think this belly would be enough but, for some reason, it just isn’t clicking in my brain!

second pregnancy 18 weeks pregnant


At 18 Weeks Pregnant

  1. How far along are you, and how big is baby? 18 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of an artichoke.
  2. Do you know the sex/gender of the baby? It is a boy!
  3. Do you have a name picked out? We do!
  4. How much weight have you gained? I have not gained any weight in the last two weeks, which is such a relief. I wanted to work to really slow the quick weight gain I was experiencing earlier in this pregnancy.
  5. How are you feeling? I am still tired (I think that is just my permanent state of being right now). I am experiencing some aches and pains in my hips, my lower back and in my ribs. I think it is from the extra weight, and my expanding joints. Otherwise, I am feeling pretty great!
  6. Any appointments this week? No real appointments this week, but I was scheduled to have blood drawn for a Spina Bifida screening…or so I thought. When I went to the hospital there was no record of the order from my Dr., and when they called the OB’s office, they had no idea what nurse was talking about. Needless to say, I was a bit frustrated. So we are going to pass on the Spina Bifida screening.
  7. Did you get any new maternity clothes? I caved, and purchased a few basics from Gap Maternity, with a gift card my husband had given me for our anniversary! But I saved $120, so I couldn’t pass it up!
  8. What are you loving about pregnancy? I will admit, this week has been tough. Pregnancy hormones are definitely impacting my mood. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed. But I am still excited to be adding another member to our little family. But I really enjoyed looking through the teeny tiny newborn clothes we saved from Brooks. It is hard to imagine that he was ever that small, and those newborn clothes were HUGE on him. And the newborn diapers? Tiny!
  9. What are you missing most during pregnancy? Right now I am not really missing anything. Although I was a little jealous when my husband recently enjoyed a frosty margarita at dinner!
  10. What are your cravings? Do you have any food aversions? I haven’t had any specific cravings or aversions right now, but I am constantly hungry. I am trying to eat small meals throughout the day to prevent bingeing, but it’s a little tough sometimes.
  11. What are you looking forward to in the coming weeks? Our next ultrasound is in two weeks, and I am so excited to see the baby! As I mentioned last week, I think I need to see the little guy.
  12. What am I doing to stay fit at this point in the pregnancy? I didn’t work out as much as I had hoped this week. I made it to the gym three times, but one day I spent my gym time working, while Brooks played in the gym daycare. Hopefully I can stay active this weekend, and do a bit better next week!
  13. How is our family feeling about the new addition? Excited! And, in preparation for the new baby, Brooks is no longer in the crib! Hooray! We took a trip to IKEA and let him pick out his new big boy bed, and he couldn’t be more excited. We took the crib apart and put it away for now, as well, since we won’t need it for quite some time.
  14. What are you currently reading? I haven’t made any progress on my books this week. I have been so exhausted that reading just hasn’t been in the cards for me. Hopefully next week I can spend more time reading.

Then and. Now

And finally, it looks like my bump is slowing down a bit…thank goodness. I am still much bigger this time around, but the difference is a bit less obvious, now.

second pregnancy 18 weeks pregnant








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