My Second Baby Bump: 16 Weeks Pregnant

This week I am 16 weeks pregnant…4 months pregnant! It feels as though I was just celebrating 12 weeks. Time is flying by so quickly at this point and it will be January before we know it. I just have so much to do between then and now.

At 16 Weeks Pregnant…

  1. How far along are you, and how big is baby? I am 16 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of an avocado.
  2. Do you know the sex/gender of the baby? It is a boy! And yes, we are excited. I was secretly hoping for a little boy anyway!
  3. Do you have a name picked out? We do, but we are still keeping that under wraps.
  4. How much weight have you gained? I have gained about 8 lbs. That is more than I had hoped, but I have also been lifting weights again, so I think muscle can still account for some of that. But, I am going to be really paying close attention to what I am eating from here on out, being careful to slow my weight gain.
  5. How are you feeling? I am still really, really tired. Exhausted, really. I continue to feel cramps and stretching in my stomach. On a positive note, my skin is really clear (for once), and my hair and nails are growing like crazy!
  6. Any appointments this week? We had our 16 week appointment earlier this week. All is well. We heard baby’s heartbeat, 166, and the doctor said all looks well. In the coming weeks, I have opted to do one more genetic test to rule out any issues or concerns.
  7. Did you get any new maternity clothes? I apparently cannot get enough of Motherhood Maternity, but in all fairness, they had another great sale, and I was able to pick up a winter jacket for $24! I couldn’t pass that up! I think I am good for now, although I am keeping my eyes out for a cute maternity dress for a wedding in September!
  8. What are you loving about pregnancy? I am finally back to the point of loving pregnancy. So much so that I am questioning my assertion that this is my last pregnancy. I really love being pregnant, and knowing that we will be bringing another sweet pea into our family. I just keep imagining our life with two little knuckleheads running around.
  9. What are you missing most during pregnancy? This week, I am just missing my daily second cup of coffee. I have been so tired, and the weather has been rainy and gloomy. I could really use that second cup of coffee to keep me going.
  10. What are your cravings? Do you have any food aversions? I have had some weird cravings this week. I have been eating bags of Caesar salad. And I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Chipotle, so my sweet husband has agreed to Chipotle for dinner!
  11. What are you looking forward to in the coming weeks? Unrelated to pregnancy, I am excited to take a photography class this weekend, that my husband signed me up for! And I am really looking forward to our 20 week appointment where we will have our big anatomy scan. I am also looking forward to feeling the baby move. I think that will really help make this pregnancy feel real (as if this big ‘ole belly isn’t enough).
  12. What am I doing to stay fit at this point in the pregnancy? I slacked a bit this week in terms of the gym. I had two morning doctor appointments, and a really crazy work week, but I did manage to hit the gym twice for cardio. I can definitely feel the difference that a good cardio session makes on my mood, energy levels, and the way my body feels.
  13. How is our family feeling about the new addition? Excited. Brooks told his favorite teacher at daycare that he is having a sister, and I couldn’t help but giggle. She said he was sure of it! And he told a man at the grocery story that mommy was having a monster. This morning, during breakfast, he asked if he could “give brother a hug.” So I think he is getting used to the idea of having a new sibling!
  14. What are you currently reading? I got my hard copies of Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and Natural Hospital Birth, by Cynthia Gabriel. I wasn’t sure that Natural Hospital Birth would be worth the $20, but I am halfway through the book, and I am so inspired and confident in my choice to pursue a natural birth this time around. Gabriel provides some really great stories, as well as strategies for preparing for your own natural birth. I’ll be writing an entire post on this, soon.

In the coming weeks…

It is probably about time for me to start making my lengthy to-do list, in preparation for our new addition. There is so much to do, and so much prepare, and I feel like our remaining time is just slipping away. But I also want to continue working on staying present each day.

Just for fun…

16 weeks pregnant with Brooks vs. 16 weeks pregnant the second time around!









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