My Baby Bump Week to Week: Week 40

Well, we did it! We made it to 40 weeks! Even more exciting is the fact that I was able to blog through my pregnancy each week, journaling my growing baby bump, without skipping a beat.  The funny thing about pregnancy countdowns, however, is that pregnancy doesn’t always end at 40 weeks. Some babies come much earlier. Our little man decided that September 25th was simply too early for him. And so we wait! Today, as I post this blog, we are 40 weeks and 4 days.

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The anticipation is overwhelming at times! I am having a full range of contractions, from weak Braxton Hicks contractions, to weak labor contractions. But no progress just yet!

In the meantime, I am trying to finish up last minute chores, like filing away old bills, throwing out old magazines, and getting the house cleaned up while I can! I’ve even been looking at birth announcement options for when the little guy arrives.

Baby is still very active, and moving like crazy! I am not quite sure how he manages to do so, because I am 100% sure he is out of room. Come on baby! We are all waiting for you!


40 week baby bump39 Weeks Pregnant baby bump38 week baby bump37 week baby bump36 week baby bump35 week baby bumpWeek-34-baby-bump33-week-baby-bump32 week baby bumpbaby bump week to week, week 3130 week baby bump29 week baby bumpmy baby bump week to week 28Baby bump week to week 27 WeeksWeek 26 Baby Bump25-week-baby-bump24-week-baby-bump23 week baby bump22 week baby bumpPregnancy progression, week 2120-week-baby-bump19 week baby bumpWeek 18: My baby bump week to weekMy baby bump week to week, Week 17Baby bump week to week: 16 WeeksBaby Bump week to week: 15 Weeks13 weeks ProgressMy baby bump week to week: week 1312 week baby bump progress

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