My Baby Bump Week to Week: 28 Weeks

You know what 28 weeks means? We are officially in the third trimester. Its crazy to think that this is the final stretch! Only (roughly) 12 more weeks of tracking this baby bump week to week!

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How far along: 28 Weeks

How big is baby: Baby is the size of an eggplant

Gender: Its a boy!

Weight gain: I will have an official number tomorrow at my 28 week appointment, but according to my scale I have gained 25 pounds total.

Maternity clothes: Nothing new here! I am happy with my maternity wardrobe, and I think it will last the remainder of the summer. Thanks to my husband, I did snag some new sandals and a pretty new watch!

Sleep: I have had some serious tummy troubles at night, which really hinder my sleep. Nothing gross. Just a combination of heartburn and indigestion.  But other nights, I have been sleeping very well!

Best moment this week: The best moment this week was on Saturday, when my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary (Happy Anniversary Hunny)! We celebrated with some shopping, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival and a delicious dinner. I also managed to complete baby project #2: a mobile for his crib.

Miss anything: I miss so many things right now: sleep, bending over, and being able to walk up the stairs without being winded.

Movement: Our little man is constantly on the go. His movements are much slower, and much stronger. Now his little hands, feet and booty randomly jut out of my stomach.  He seems to enjoy late night dance parties as well!

Cravings: Potatoes. I am obsessed with baked potatoes. And iced tea of course.

Symptoms: The swelling continues. And, as I mentioned above, heartburn and indigestion have made a comeback. Otherwise, I have been rather comfortable. Something tells me that is about to change as we move into the third trimester.

Looking forward to: There is so much to look forward to in the upcoming weeks. I am excited for my appointment tomorrow, to check on the little man. If I could pass on the glucose test and rhogam shot, I’d be even happier. I am also excited to really start preparing for baby!

Only 12 weeks to go! <3

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