My Baby Bump Week to Week: 26 Weeks

Week 26 is here, and I am feeling huge! Its hard to imagine how much more I will be able to grow at this point. We are rapidly approaching the third trimester as I track the growth of my baby bump week to week.

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How far along: 26 Weeks

How big is baby: Baby is the size of a head of lettuce.

Gender: Its a boy!

Weight gain: 22 pounds! And I am feeling it. It is crazy how much more difficult little things become when you are 22 pounds heavier.

Maternity clothes: They had some great deals at Motherhood Maternity, so I was able to pick up a few pairs of shorts, and a few t-shirts. And today, I ordered a cute maternity swimsuit. With this heat, I desperately need some time at the pool.

Sleep: It has been really hot lately, and this definitely makes sleep difficult. And we haven’t even seen the hottest days of the year yet!

Best moment this week: Each day has been great, and we continue to enjoy watching this giant tummy grow. And the little man has been more and more active, so that daddy has been able to feel him move even more! I also returned to prenatal yoga this week, which was much needed and so nice!

Miss anything: I am missing my sleep, still. And I am beginning to miss feeling normal, and comfortable.

Movement: His movements are definitely changing, and I am feeling him more and more frequently. And his movements continue to be more fluid. Seeing and feeling him move around is really amazing.

Cravings: My cravings continue to be the same. I crave Mexican food, ice cream, and caramel ribbon crunch frapuccinos from Starbucks.

Symptoms: My symptoms continue to be the same; back pain, hip pain, rib pain, heartburn. New this week, thanks to the very warm weather, are light headedness and fatigue. But all-in-all, I am feeling great!

Looking forward to: I am looking forward to putting the baby’s nursery together. I have found the crib, dresser, and glider that I would like to have. I have also found a number of Pinterest projects for the baby’s room as well. I cannot wait to get started! And of course I will be blogging about them…

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