My Baby Bump Week to Week: 24 Weeks

We are officially at the six month mark, and a month away from the third trimester. Only sixteen weeks to go until we meet our little (big) man. There is so much to do in these remaining weeks! Here is week 24 of my baby bump week to week journal!

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How far along: 24 Weeks

How big is baby: Baby is the size of a cantaloupe.

Gender: Its a boy!

Weight gain: Hello 20 pounds! I am hoping that my weight gain will slow down a bit. It is all in my stomach, so I am not too worried, but geez!

Maternity clothes: Target has some cute new summer maternity clothes in stock, so I picked up some basics: shorts, a white t-shirt, and a cute summery dress. And, with a Cartwheel offer of 25% off of all maternity clothes, I couldn’t resist!

Sleep: Ah, I feel like a broken record. Sleep is difficult most nights, and I spend my time tossing and turning. I feel terrible for my poor husband, who is suffering right along with me.

Superman baby bibBest moment this week: This has been a great week. My husband took great care of me all weekend, including cooking all of our meals; kabobs, burgers and spaghetti. I was in hog heaven. He takes such good care of me. And my mom and I spent some quality time wandering through Buy Buy Baby, looking at all of the fun baby items. There are so many cool things out there that I now know I “need” to have. And, check out this adorable Superman baby bib, complete with baby cape and socks that my mom picked up for our little guy!

Miss anything: Now that the weather is warmer, and it feels like summer, I miss patio cocktails with my hubby. That was our “thing.” We can still enjoy our patios of course, but its not the same. I also miss Vegas. I would love to be able to lay by the pool in Vegas for a week, ordering buckets of beers. Maybe next year.

Movement: This week, I felt the neatest thing. One morning, the little man was moving quite a bit. But it wasn’t the typical quick movements; you could tell he was stretching. Through my stomach, I could actually feel his little body. It was bizarre and amazing all at the same time.

Cravings: This week, my only craving has been ice cream. Chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

Symptoms: Heartburn, back pain and rib pain are on my list this week. My hands swell up on occasion, as well, but they deflate fairly quickly! One positive symptom I have noticed is that my skin seems to have cleared up, and my nails are growing so quickly. And they are so strong!

Looking forward to: Our next appointment is next week. I am just excited to touch base with the doctor, and make sure that the little man is still on track!

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