Baby Bump week to week: 15 Weeks
Baby Bump: Week to Week

My Baby Bump Week to Week: 15 Weeks

Week fifteen is here, and this is all starting to feel very real.  I have an obvious bump that is no longer coming and going throughout the day. And this week, my mom purchased the first few items for baby; some adorable gender neutral onesies, which I adore.  I have also decided to change up my weekly progress blog too…I have decided to change what I wear from week to week. The all black outfit just felt a little boring!

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How far along: 15 Weeks

How big is baby: Baby is the size of a navel orange.

Gender: Still waiting for twenty weeks! But friends and family have been making their guesses. As far as I am concerned, I just want a healthy baby.

Weight gain: Nope…still no change here! Which is surprising, because my tummy has really “sprouted.”

Maternity clothes: My mom and I spent some time shopping on Thursday to celebrate her birthday. She insisted on buying me a few more maternity pieces, which is where I got this cute, comfy maxi skirt!

Sleep: This week has been difficult. I definitely have a hard time getting, and staying comfortable. And I have been incredibly sleepy!


Best moment this week: The best moment this week was spending some quality time with my mom, and window shopping for baby clothes. They have the cutest darn clothes for little ones!

Miss anything: Not missing much this week. I think I am finally getting used to not being able to eat and drink certain things.

Movement: Still not feeling much in terms of movement. But, it is still early!

Cravings:  This week, I have more aversions than cravings. Trying to figure out a grocery list, and what I can eat this week for dinners has been painful. Nothing. Sounds. Good.

Symptoms: This week, my main symptoms have been fatigue and headaches. And these headaches don’t respond to Tylenol, at all!

Looking forward to: We are really looking forward to our sixteen week appointment! I am secretly hoping that the heartbeat monitor doesn’t work again, so we can see our little gummy bear. I need some reassurance that baby is growing and moving!

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