My Baby Bump Week to Week: 14 Weeks

As we track my baby bump week to week, it seems like these last few weeks haven’t seen much change. Our fourteenth week has been much like the earlier weeks in terms of symptoms and growth. We are moving closer and closer to week twenty, when we will be able to see gummy bear again, and we will find out whether our gummy bear is a boy or a girl.

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How far along: 14 Weeks

How big is baby: Baby is the size of a lemon

Gender: Only 6 more weeks to go to until we can find out what this little gummy bear is! I am very anxious to know, so we can begin preparing appropriately! I want to buy a onesie, damnit!

Weight gain: Not much change here! I have still gained only 3-5 lbs total.

Maternity clothes: The yoga pants are starting to get a little too tight. And one pair of jeans just isn’t going to suffice. I will definitely need to do some shopping soon!

Sleep: I am beginning to have difficulty sleeping, and am tossing and turning to get comfortable. And each day I wake up exhausted.

Best moment this week: This week has been fairly quiet. I think the best moment of the week was our Friday night, spending quality time with the boys, playing board games and baking banana bread. Oh, and I chopped my hair off! That was fun too!

Miss anything: This week I am missing my unpasteurized cheeses. Please give me some goat cheese, or feta. For Pete’s sake!

Movement: Sometimes I feel what I think could be the baby, especially when I am laying down. Just a tiny flutter. And then I read it could be gas. I’ll go with my first theory!

Cravings:  I have been craving iced tea like crazy. I have been obsessed with it. And fruit! I just want berries, and kiwis. I certainly can’t complain about these cravings, since they have taken a healthier turn.

Symptoms: The bloat seems to be subsiding a bit, and my stomach is getting firm. I am still as exhausted as ever. Some days are certainly worse that others. I have had some nausea, especially after eating.

Looking forward to: I am just excited to continue watching my belly grow, as baby grows. I am looking forward to the end of the school year…only a few months away. I think the reduction in stress will really help my energy level as well!

baby bump weeks 12 13 and 14

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