Motherhood: Surviving the First Year

I wrote a book y’all! After spending countless hours reading posts from new mommies in forums and Facebook groups, I began to notice that so many of us are facing the exact same struggles. I wanted to create a resource for other women, facing similar challenges.

Like many other new moms, I was blindsided by motherhood. I am so in love with my son, and I love being a mommy. I can also say that I had no idea what to expect of motherhood, or of a newborn baby. Motherhood is hard. It is exhausting. But it is the most precious, rewarding experience.

What have I struggled with the most in these first eight months of being mom? Other people and their thoughts, judgments and advice as to how someone should care for a baby. As if motherhood wasn’t hard enough, the constant criticisms can be overwhelming, at best.

I wrote Motherhood: Surviving the First Year as encouragement to new mommies, as they make parenting decisions that are best for their babies, and for their family. It’s the advice I wish I had heard months ago, when my son was born.

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