March Wrap Up: Establishing a Fitness Habit

As March comes to a close, so does my March goal of establishing a fitness habit. I am a bit disappointed in myself. I didn’t adhere to my weekly goals as I had hoped. I didn’t go to the gym four times each week. I didn’t establish a consistent gym habit, yet. But this month hasn’t been a total loss.

Good Things Happened

  • I have begun going to the gym more often…at least twice a week. This is progress. And progress is good, right?
  • My little munchkin is getting more and more accustomed to going to the gym’s day care. He no longer cries, but hasn’t yet branched out to playing with the other kiddos. This is a big deal!

A Surprising Outcome

My greatest accomplishment this month, however, is a bit of a surprise. I have always wanted to be a runner. Always. And I have tried, and failed, time and time again. A while back I purchased the Couch to 5K app, which helps you to gradually work toward running a 5K in six weeks.  I have tried to complete the program more times than I can count, but I have never really been successful, quitting long before I reach the end of week six.  I hated it. I was miserable. So I always quit.

This time around, something has changed. As I near the end of week six, I have come to enjoy running. I haven’t slept much (in 18 months), my nutrition is crap, and I have been feeling a bit more stressed than normal. But, somehow, I find running to be easier than it has ever been, and I have really come to love my time on the treadmill. Finally.

Moving Forward

So, even though I didn’t establish my initial goal for the month, I have made some great strides (pun intended) on my fitness journey. As we begin April, I am going to continue focusing on developing a more consistent fitness habit, and I will be focusing on eating better as well! In preparation for my April goal, I am reading (and loving) The Mindful Diet: How to Transform Your Relationship with Food for Lasting Weight Loss and Vibrant Health, as I hope to tackle emotional/stress eating, for good! Stay tuned!


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