#2017ProjectChange: March Fitness Habits

Hello March, and hello new goal!! Now that I have finished up No-Spend January and a February Social Media Fast, it is time to move on to the goal I have been avoiding: going to the gym.

March Goal

Establish a fitness habit


Long, long ago, I was pretty darn fit. My close friend and I used to work out regularly after work almost every day of the week. I ate clean. I looked good, and I felt great. But since that point in my life, I have been unable to return to that same level of commitment, and that same level of fitness.  This month, I am not going to focus on losing weight, or eating clean. Instead, I’m going to focus on creating a habit; going to the gym regularly.

Now what?

Since having my munchkin, it has been increasingly difficult to find time and motivation to work out. As a work from home mom, when he sleeps, I have to work. I get up around 4am to work, and work after he is asleep for the night. That leaves little opportunity to hop on our treadmill. We joined a local gym a few months ago, but the little man has struggled a bit with the gym’s daycare. It is time, however, for me to stop with my excuses, and get back to the gym.

My plan:

  • Go to the gym four times each week for all of March: two weekend days, and two week days.
  • I’m not setting specific expectations for what I do while I am at the gym. I just have to go, and do something active, four times each week.
  • To hold myself accountable, I will check in once a week on my blog (bear with me).
  • By the end of March, I should have gone to the gym at least 16 times, and going to the gym should feel a bit more routine! Hopefully, by the end of March, the little man will enjoy the gym a bit more, too!

What strategies do you have to help you get back into the gym regularly? What has worked for you in the past? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below.

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