March Fitness Habits…Starting Off on the Wrong Foot

We are only six days into March, and my March goal of establishing more consistent fitness habits. I have to be honest, I definitely started off on the wrong foot.  At this point I should have gone to the gym three times, and I have gone only once.

I am not sure if my reasons for not making it to the gym are just excuses, or legitimate reasons. On Tuesday night, our sweet, teething little munchkin was up all night. No, really. All night. From 10:30 pm to 3:30 am. My husband and I went into Wednesday with about three hours of sleep under our belts. There was just no way that I could function at the gym. Getting through the day was going to be a challenge as it was.

I am also struggling to take the little guy to the gym. We went last Monday, and he had a tough time. We were only there for about thirty minutes, but when I picked him up from the kids club, his eyes were red from crying. Its tough to balance doing what is best for the little guy, and finding time to take care of myself.

This doesn’t mean I am giving up, of course. I am going to give it another try this week, starting with a trip to the gym in the morning. It is time. I only hope that, next Monday, I have some progress to report!

What tips and tricks to you have for getting yourself to the gym? And, how to you help your little one learn to enjoy the gym’s childcare center? Your tips, tricks and strategies are welcome!

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