March Fitness Habit: Making Progress and Facing Obstacles

We are about half way through March, and I am two weeks into my goal of re-establishing a fitness habit. Let me tell you something. This is hard. The workouts themselves are not the hard part. I love being in the gym, running and lifting weights.  I am beginning to feel like myself again. Instead, But, I’m struggling with a never ending barrage of obstacles and issues.

For his entire seventeen months of life, my son has spent 99% of his time with either myself or my husband present. Needless to say, taking him to the kid’s club has been a tough change for us all. My son hasn’t adjusted yet, and can get pretty upset when I drop him off. Our gym is well known for their caring, attentive program, and there are monitors so I can see him. But knowing that he is sad breaks my heart.

The combination of his gym experience, teething and the time change mean some crazy sleep issues for our family. We are often up for extended periods throughout the night (1am to 5am), as our munchkin just fights his sleep. Needless to say I am exhausted. My husband is exhausted. Our baby is exhausted. But we will continue working toward our goals.

I continue to go to the gym as planned, to focus on my fitness habit, and to help my munchkin get more comfortable.  I also continue to struggle with my choice. It feels pretty selfish to take him to the gym, just so I can work out, knowing that he is sad. At the same time, I have to make sure I am well so that I can be the best wife and mommy I can be.  Last week I went to the gym four times, and accomplished my goal! This week is off to a rocky start since I didn’t go to the gym this weekend, but I hope to make up for the lost day, along the way.

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