Little Man Turned Two

You guys! This little boy just turned two! Okay, it happened a week ago, but life (and a cold) got in the way of a blog post.

Anyway, he turned two, and we could not be more proud of him! We were so fortunate to be able to celebrate his birthday in California! We visited Disneyland, Universal Studios and the beach. We celebrate with Gramma, Papa, Grammie, uncles, aunts and cousins! We had a great time!

Now that little man turned two…

He weighs in at 24 lbs, and stands 2’8” tall! He is still a little munchkin.

He loves to eat fruits and veggies, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, cookies, ice cream and donuts. He really loves donuts.

He has some food allergies, so no peanuts for us! And milk is still a no-go!

He loves to read! He really likes Mercer Mayer books, The Pout Pout Fish, I Love My Daddy, and anything about sea animals. He even has books he can recite from front to back.

He loves to swim, and reminds us that he wants to “swim in the ocean.” Probably to get up close and personal with the sea life.

He collects animal figurines, but his favorite are his sea life animals (the octopus and beluga whale are two of his favorites). He loves music, and loves to sing and dance!

He is very Very verbal. And he now speaks primarily in full sentences.

His vocabulary is a bit crazy (in a good way). He knows words for most things, and asks if he doesn’t know. He can name most animals, using specific names (beluga whale, hammerhead shark, etc.)

He sleeps through the night sometimes. And he stays up late sometimes. Sleep still isn’t really his thing.

We love going to Toddler Time at the library, and Monkey Bizness to jump in the bouncy house. We love taking walks in the neighborhood, with stops to run and play at the park!

He loves to paint, color and play with Playdoh.

He loves blowing and chasing bubbles!

It is amazing to see how quickly he continues to grow and learn. Every day brings something new. And every day he continues to be the love and light of our lives.


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