Life Moves Too Quickly–Slow Down Little Ones

I am an emotional wreck lately. I could blame it on a lack of sleep. But, even if I wasn’t tired, my emotions would be on high.

Last month we took the boys to California to visit Disneyland. The woman who sat in front of us on the plane was traveling with her two grown sons. The entire flight I battled tears. It was bittersweet…this woman clearly had a close, warm relationship with her boys, which was so sweet. At the same time, did she long for the days when they were tiny? When, like my little ones, they would climb into her lap for story time, or hold her hand crossing the street? My time on the plane was sat contemplating time, which was passing too quickly. I’m not ready for my littles to grow up. I want to stay in this phase of babyhood and toddlerhood, forever!

Last week, as my little ones woke up for the day, I was struck with this same feeling. I sat in the hallway, watching as my toddler sat on his big boy potty, while my baby props himself on all fours, and tries to launch himself forward, desperate to crawl. I was overcome with emotion again. Why does time have to move so quickly? Why does it feel like we are rocketing through these milestones at the speed of light?

Life is changing. So quickly. All I can do is try my hardest to be present, and be the best mommy I can be for these sweet little boys. I watch them, and try to capture every sensation of every moment so that I can remember.

Brooks starts preschool in one month, and shortly after, he will be four years old. My sweet baby is going to be 4. He is precocious, energetic, brilliant and so, so funny.

Jack is going to be seven months old next week. Wasn’t he just born? He giggles all day.  He is so strong and rambunctious, and he just wants to be on the move.

And I am just trying to soak it all in.

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