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Since I haven’t been posting on social media, I thought I would give a little “life update.” Here is what’s been happening in our world!

We have been suspecting that our little guy had allergies ever since we introduced solid foods. Certain foods would cause welts and hives on his face and neck. Last week, Baby B sat through a round of allergy testing. Sure enough, he had a reaction to a number of things including peanuts, tree nuts, soy and eggs. He was very brave, and we are relieved to have a better understanding of these reactions.We really enjoyed Valentine’s Day this year. We had agreed to exchange only small gifts this year. I made my hubby cookies, and bought him a few specialty beers. As always, he went above and beyond. Check out these gorgeous roses he had delivered (in a addition to a number of sweet, thoughtful and yummy gifts). 

My husband, munchkin and I continued our celebration with some delicious Mexican food and yummy margaritas at our favorite local Mexican restaurant! Check out my hot date! I am not sure why I didn’t get a picture of my mini-date, too!

You guys. It has been in the 60s this week in Colorado, in February. What is wrong with this picture? I won’t complain though, as my son and I spent some great time out in the sun, at the park.  We kicked the soccer ball around, and spent some time on the swings.

The little man has really been enjoying Toddler Time at the library! It is free, it is fun, and it gives him a chance to interact with other little kids! It is so fun to see him slowly coming out of his shell each week! Here he is, dancing to “The Milkshake Song.”

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