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We have had our rice sensory bin for over a month now, and it never gets old. It is messy sometimes, and there is a never ending rice trail all over the house, but it’s so fun to watch him experiment and find new ways to play! And when gramma and pop pop come to visit, it becomes an instant beach!

We recently made the switch from a baby tub to the full sized tub for bath time. Our little guy loves bath time so much. More so now, than ever. But little man has made it very clear that he is not ready to give up his baby tub. Not yet. This morning, I found him in his tub, in our closet.


We visited the Denver Aquarium this weekend. It wasn’t little man’s first visit to an aquarium. We visited the aquarium at the Toledo Zoo in September. But it was our first visit to this aquarium. It was so fun to watch Baby B as he examined the different fish, and the various sea life throughout the aquarium. They even have a Finding Nemo themed aquarium, complete with clown fish, the Pacific blue tang, and sea anemone. He was not a fan, however, of the animatronic orangutan.

I try to keep the munchkin busy during the day. I have an inclination towards artsy, hands on activities. So I took to Pinterest for some ideas. I found this great idea from Tales of a Teacher Mom to try painting with water. I got construction paper and paint brushes. He loved experimenting with the different brushes, and splashing in the water. And best if all… clean up is easy!

painting-with-waterSo, I have this book, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It is on the bookshelf in our closet. Baby B is fascinated with the book. Why? Because he is pretty confident that there is a picture of Pop Pop on the cover. He insists on pulling the book down, and staring at the picture!

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