June Goals: Organize and Simplify

June is here! And a new month means new goals. Over the past few months I have been working on diet and fitness. I haven’t given any updates for a few reasons. While I have been going to the gym much more, I still haven’t figured out a routine just yet. I’ve been feeling pretty discouraged, because I crave routine. One major change that I have made is in regard to my diet. In the past month my diet has been mostly meat free, and I have cut dairy intake significantly. It’s amazing how much better I feel after just a few weeks. So, I’m going to continue working on these goals, in the background.

June Goal: Organize and Simplify

This month, my focus is on organization and simplification. Since my son was born almost two years ago, some areas of our house have gotten a little out of control. Our pantry, closets, bookshelves, and cabinets all need to be cleaned out and organized. Frankly, it is driving me nuts. It’s time to purge, and make some donations to Goodwill.


Eliminating junk from your life always feels so amazing. It’s freeing. And this is especially true when the junk begins to get out of hand. By junk I don’t mean that we have piles of junk just lying around. I’m referring to the work clothes that are still hanging in my closet, untouched since November 2013. The shoes that have never been worn. The five, count them, five jars of coriander in our spice cabinet, which I continue to buy because I can’t remember what spices I have. The five crockpots in the pantry. It’s time to make some changes!

My Plan

Each week I hope to focus on one to two major projects so that, by the end of the month, most of the clutter will be gone! As I work through these projects I will be sure to share before and after photos, as well as some tips and tricks you can try as well!

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