Jack is Four Months Old

Jack is four months old! These last four months have flown by so quickly, and Jack is growing and learning so quickly. I remember wishing that Brooks would hit each milestone, almost willing him to get older, faster. This time it is so different. With each milestone, I wish Jack would slow down, and be my tiny baby for longer.

But, of course, that is not going to happen! At four months old…

  • Jack weighs 13.7 pounds, and he is 24” tall!
  • He is holding his head up, and has great head and neck control.
  • We are still exclusively breastfeeding.
  • His hair is beautiful, and wild. It is a unique brownish golden red color.
  • He LOVES to roll over. If I set him down on the floor or bed, he rolls over almost immediately, from his back to his tummy. And now, once he gets to his tummy, he is really working on lifting his head to look around.

  • He loves his big brother, who makes sure he gets lots of kisses and tickles throughout the day.
  • He isn’t a great sleeper, but he has fallen asleep on his own a few times.
  • We transitioned out of a swaddle, into the Merlin sleepsuit. I don’t care how silly he looks, it seems to help him sleep more soundly.
  • He continues to struggle with some pretty bad eczema. He spends his days slathered in Aquaphor, because that is the only thing that seems to help. And trust me when I say I have tried just about everything.
  • He has his first visit with the allergist next week to see if we can pinpoint what is causing his eczema.
  • He loves his playmat, and his new Sit-Me-Up chair.

  • He still doesn’t love to be worn. I may need to find a different carrier.
  • At four months old, he is wearing his 6 month clothes, comfortably!
  • He loves snuggling and playing with his daddy, who can make him giggle way better than mommy!
  • It still feels like he is teething. Even the pediatrician said she could feel something, but no teeth have pushed through yet.
  • And, he is adorable. He looks like a little doll. When we take him to the pediatrician, the nurses all fawn over him. And he is already such a little flirt.
  • He took his first trip to the Denver Zoo, and he was not impressed. But at least big brother enjoyed it.

As the days pass, I continue to just soak up this time with Jack. He is already four months old and, before I know it he will be an independent, active three-year-old like his brother.

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