Jack is Five Months Old

Jack is five months old, and this past month has been crazy! It is so funny to think that you can have two kids with such different tendencies, personalities, etc. But Jack is proving to be so different from his big brother in so many ways! Jack is so determined to get up and go, and he is hitting some of his milestones so quickly!

At five months…

  • Jack rolls onto his tummy as soon as we put him down. He loves spending time playing on his mat, on his tummy, for extended periods. And he can roll onto his back now too..
  • He just wants to sit up, and stand, although he can’t do either independently just yet.
  • Sleep has been horrible. He was sleeping for only 30-45 minute spurts for more than a month! Mommy is so tired. Things seem to be improving, very, very slowly.
  • He loves watching his big brother and giggling. And brother loves making him giggle!

  • He is trying so hard to crawl. Right now it looks more like swimming!
  • He has started going to the daycare at the gym for short periods of time, and he is doing great!
  • We finally have his eczema under control, thanks to wool dryer balls, Vanicream and Dove Baby Wash.
  • We went to see the allergist. After a skin test for 17 different allergens, everything was negative! No food allergies were detected.

  • He is still wearing his 6 month clothes, comfortably!
  • We are still exclusively breastfeeding.
  • He still seems to be teething. He is constantly drooling, and gnawing on things, including his toes, mommy’s hands, and pretty much anything else he can get his hands on.
  • Jack put his toes in the grass for the first time and LOVED it!

  • He has outgrown his swing and Pack ‘n Play napper!
  • Ladies love little Jack with his crazy golden auburn hair, giant eyes and deep dimples. He looks like a living doll.

My guess is that, in my next update, I will be talking about crawling, sitting and teeth!

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