Jack is 11 Months Old

Only one more month until Jack turns 1! It seems like these last few months have been passing so quickly. And Jack is quickly transforming from a baby to a toddler. A curious, exploring toddler. His personality is so fun, and he gets into everything so he really keeps us on our toes.

At 11 Months Old:

  • Jack is still pulling up on everything, but no walking yet. Instead, he is working on balancing, and navigating with just one arm on something for balance.
  • He loves to eat. He enjoys¬†some¬†purees, but prefers whatever everyone else is eating. There isn’t much that he dislikes at this point. He is even trying his hand at drinking milk from a cup with a straw…and he loves it!
  • He is sleeping through the night! We are on 6 weeks of sleeping through the night, thanks to the LIttle Z’s sleep program. In just three nights, we went from waking every 60 minutes, to sleeping 11-12 hours a night.
  • Naps are still challenging, but they are getting better.


  • He is talking much, much more. He isn’t forming many words but he is communicating. He says: mama, dada, papa, up, cow, moo, and buddy.
  • He is really a smart little guy. He tries to use the remote to change the television channel. He grunts and points at things that he wants.
  • He shakes his head no when he doesn’t want something, or doesn’t want to do something.
  • He has the craziest hair. And, no matter how I comb it, he has perma-bedhead just 5 minutes later.
  • He loves to play. He mimics his daddy and brother when they play.
  • He loves to wrestle. He LOVES to wrestle. Any time mommy or daddy are on the floor, Jack is ready to tackle!
  • He also loves to play by himself, and can spend long periods of time exploring his brother’s toys!

  • Jack saw Santa Clause for the first time…and cried a bit.
  • Jack loved Thanksgiving. He tried all of the food, and enjoyed pretty much everything on his plate, including apple pie.
  • He gives the greatest baby kisses.
  • He consistently waves goodbye and gives high-fives!

As we prepare for his first birthday, I am so desperate for time to slow down. My last baby is no longer a tiny baby. It is bittersweet. He is finding more independence, and his personality is really emerging. He is curious, friendly and charming. And he just isn’t my little baby any longer.

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