Jack Is 10 Months Old

Jack recently hit the 10 month mark. This is one of my favorite ages. At 10 months old, Jack is still a baby, but he is beginning to show his personality, beginning to explore the world, and he is so, so fun. He is also SUCH a handful, and he really keeps me on my toes.

At 10 months:

  • Jack has four teeth: two on the top, two on the bottom!
  • He is cruising around with his baby walker.
  • Jack is mastering his smile!

  • He loves giving hugs, kisses and high-fives!
  • He loves to eat, and definitely prefers finger foods to baby purees. He like hot dogs, peas, chicken nuggets, grapes, bread, pancakes, strawberries, and bananas!
  • At 10 months old, Jack is still nursing regularly, which is a bit painful right now with those little teeth.
  • Jack loves playing with his brother. Brooks loves making him laugh, and they both love wrestling around!

  • He is learning to throw a ball, thanks to lots of playtime with daddy.
  • He is sleeping so much better (although naps are a bit tenuous still (stay tuned for a blog post on this).
  • For his first Halloween, he was a monkey! And we enjoyed trick-or-treating for a bit, but it was COLD!

  • He stands up whenever he can, and now he is practicing balancing!
  • He follows mommy everywhere, and can have a bit of separation anxiety if I am gone to long.
  • He is trying hard to learn new words. He says dada, mama, papa, bye, nana (banana), and moo.
  • He is starting to show interest in books, and loves turning the pages.

If only he could stay 10 months old for a bit longer. While it is so fun watching him learn and grow, it is bittersweet. In the blink of an eye, he is no longer going to be my little baby. I will miss this phase so much, but I am so proud of this little one.

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