Super Simple Recipe for Homemade Salt Scrub

I needed one more recipe to complete my gift sets.  I stumbled upon these instructions for simple, homemade salt scrub.  This recipe gives you a variety of options in terms of what you can use for ingredients!

Here is what you will need:

DIY Salt Scrub IngredientsBody Oil— After a great deal of research, I decided to use a combination of equal parts Olive Oil and Grape Seed Oil
Salt or Sugar— I chose a fine grain sea salt. A small grain will be gentler on the skin
Essential Oil— I decided to stick with my theme of Lemongrass Oil
Mason Jars


Mixing your Ingredients

Mixing DIY Sea Salt ScribI found and attempted a number of suggested ratios of oil to salt. In the end, I decided that its best to experiment and add more salt or oil until you get the desired consistency.

I started by filling a mason jar with salt, approximately two thirds full. I then topped the jar off with my grape seed oil and olive oil. Make sure you leave room at the top for mixing, otherwise you’ll have a mess on your hands!

I used a fork to mix the ingredients thoroughly. As you mix, add 15-30 drops of essential oil. If your mixture seems a bit dry, add a little oil until you are happy with the consistency. If it seems to be too “oily,” add a bit of salt.

Sea Salt Scrub Labels

I then created tags with instructions, and tied them to the jar.

Note: The oil will sink to the bottom. In my instructions, I simply added “mix well.”


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