He is here!

Little Jack arrived January 4th, in the early afternoon. He was born at 39 weeks and 2 days, weighing 7lbs 6oz and measuring 19” long. But the real shocker was all the hair on his head. This little guy was born with a full head of straight, silky, dark brown hair. It is wild!

After four days of prodromal labor (consistent contractions all day for four days), my water broke at 1:30 am on January 4th. Luckily, my parents were staying the night, and were there to watch Brooks. I was so excited to actually experience my water breaking naturally. It was nothing like the movies, but it was a neat experience nonetheless. I woke up for the usual pregnant lady middle-of-the-night potty break. But, when I got to the bathroom, my water broke all over the bathroom floor.

After 11 hours of labor, a few doses of Cytotec, and a few pushes, the little man was here.  I did cave in and get an epidural, but I got it very late in the game, so that it never took effect. So, while I received the epidural, my labor was essentially natural. And the MVP award definitely goes to my husband to supported me and encouraged me every step of the way… no matter how ridiculous I was.

I am considering writing a more detailed birth story post soon, but this birth (like my first), comes with a great deal of anxiety. But, in time, I think I will share my experience.

After just 24 hours in the hospital, we were released to come home, and we have been enjoying life with this sweet, sweet little boy ever since.

Jack loves to snuggle, and loves daddy and his big brother. He is pretty mellow, and loves to snooze throughout the day.

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