Happy Half Birthday, Jack!

July 4th was extra special this year! Not only did we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, we also celebrated Jack’s half-birthday. Jack is 6 months old! And, thanks to growth spurt after growth spurt, so much has changed in the last month.

At 6 months old:

  • Jack is sitting, unsupported. He is still a little wobbly, but he is definitely sitting.
  • He is on the move…slowly. He rolls and scoots to get where he needs to go!
  • Still nursing around the clock! But he isn’t as into the whole nursing thing as his big brother was!
  • Enjoying his first tastes of food! So far he has tried apples, pears and sweet potatoes. So far, sweet potatoes seem to be his favorite!
  • He is steadily growing, although we won’t know the official stats for about a week!
  • He is wearing 9 month clothes, and size three diapers, already!
  • He loves hanging out in his sit-me-up chair.
  • He is much more comfortable in the baby carrier. He seems to like the Ergo 360!

  • He is getting better about being in his carseat for extended periods of time.
  • He sat in his stroller facing forward for the first time…and loved it!
  • He loves to babble, and make as much noise as he can. Lately he has started “fake coughing” to get our attention, and giggles as soon as we respond.
  • He continues to love, love, love his brother. And brother loves making him laugh.

  • He likes playing on his playmat, his rattles, anything that belongs to Brooks, and anything he can stick in his mouth!
  • Sleep is still touch and go, but he does best in his Merlin Magic Sleep Suit!

It has been so fun watching him grow, and change, and learn. But, as always, it is happening so quickly! We are all so in love with him, and I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual! It will be fun to see what changes happen in the weeks to come!

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