Halloween Books for Toddlers: Our Favorites

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Halloween is Brooks’ favorite time of year. One of our favorite ways to get into the Halloween spirit is by reading Halloween books! Let’s be honest, we read the books all year, but I like to read them together as we move into the fall months.

The problem with Halloween books for toddlers is that some books can be a bit too spooky, and the last thing you want to do before bedtime or nap time is read something scary.

Our 5 Favorite Halloween Books for Toddlers


#1: Ten Little Monsters by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty

Now this book is a little spooky, as a group of friends go trick-or-treating, and begin to disappear one by one. But don’t worry, this book has a happy ending. The great think about this story is that it involves numbers and counting. The pictures are fun and bright, and not too scary either.

#2: Monsters Go Night-Night By Aaron Zenz

This isn’t exactly a Halloween book, per say, but it is about monsters, and it is a fun read. This is a silly book about the bedtime habits of monsters, and it is a fun bedtime read!

#3: Little Blue Truck’s Halloween By Alice Shertle

This is, hands down, my favorite Halloween book. I am partial to the Little Blue Truck series. I love the stories, and I love the artwork. This book is fun because it is interactive, with flaps that your child can lift. And who doesn’t love a story about Halloween parties?

#4: Boo By Leslie Patricelli

At this point, Brooks has this story memorized! He loves reading about carving jack-o-lanterns, picking out Halloween costumes and, of course, Halloween candy. This short, sweet story is a fun Halloween read.

#5: Don’t Push The Button! A Halloween Treat by Bill Cotter

If you are familiar with the original Don’t Push the Button story, this is a fun Halloween version of the story. Brooks loves it because it is interactive, and he has his own role in the story!

So these are just a few of the stories we will be reading over, and over, and over as we near Halloween. There are tons of great Halloween stories for toddlers. What are your family’s favorites?

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