I love my FlipBelt!!!

As I recently started walking and running outside more often, I encountered two major dilemmas. Okay, maybe not major, but dilemmas all the same.

Dilemma #1: I had nowhere to put my iPhone.  No, I am not running and texting, nor am I running and talking. When I run, I have to have my music. Most of my workout pants do not have pockets. I purchased an armband, but it is incredibly uncomfortable.

Dilemma #2: I had nowhere to put my house key! In most cases I have to take my key off the ring, and tie it onto my shoelace. Every. Single. Day.
Flip Belt ModelA good friend of mine had told me about the FlipBelt by Level Terrain Apparel.  The FlipBelt is a stretchy belt designed to hold your phone, mp3 players, keys, etc. while you exercise. You place your items into one of the many openings on the belt, flip the belt over, and your items are secure. Even better, you can actually secure your keys to the belt, so there is no risk of losing them on your run, or at the gym.  The belt is unisex, and comes in a number of colors and sizes as well.
Recently, my amazing husband-to-be
my-new-flip-beltsurprised me with a FlipBelt of my very own (he saw me eyeing one at the Cherry Creek Sneak).  Now that I have had a chance to try it out for myself, I have to say, I love it!  He chose the black belt in a medium, which fits me perfectly (I wear a 4/6). The best thing about the FlipBelt is that you can place your phone or mp3 player inside, and it doesn’t bounce around or feel heavy. In addition, the belt stays put, and is fairly comfortable.  Now I can run hands-free, without tieing my key to my shoe. Life is good.

So, if you have been considering purchasing a FlipBelt, I highly recommend you try it out. It is well worth the minimal investment.

Disclaimer: This review is of my own accord. I have not been paid by FlipBelt or its’ subsidiaries to complete this review. I simply love their product.

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